Montag, 3. August 2009

Montags Inspiration: Wald / Monday Inspiration: Forest

(Alle Bilder von Cole and Son)
Anstatt am Montag den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht mehr zu sehen, sollte man sich einfach auf einen Teilaspekt konzentrieren und schrittweise in den Tag starten. Sehr apart hat dies Cole and Sons gelöst, mit ihrer stilvollen Tapete namens "Wood". Dieses und weitere Tapetenmuster kann man unter bestellen.
On a Monday, instead of not seeing the forest because of all the trees (well, I don't know if this quote works in the English translation...there's this same saying in German, which basically means that one gets so lost in all the small details that they don't see the bigger picture anymore), one should simply concentrate on a part aspect and start step by step into the day. Cole and Sons are solving this issue very distinctively, with their stylish wallpaper called "Wood". You can order this and further wallpaper patterns here: Hope, I could give you a little sugar on your monday.

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