Dienstag, 6. April 2010

Let`s face it!

Ayub Kanithi Nganga operates a hardware shop at Muguga trading center. The shop is strategically situated along the busy highway. He has been doing this as his primary business for the last two years now. Ayub is 25 years old, married and a father of one child. His wife Jacqueline is a business woman

Der Tropfen auf den heissen Stein hat ja nicht den besten Ruf. Zu unrecht, wie die Microkreditorganisation Kiva beweist. Auf ihrer Seite werden viele verschiedene Menschen und ihre Geschäftsidee aus der ganzen Welt (auch aus den USA) vorgestellt und wieviel Geld sie sich leihen wollen. Wenn man sich dann für jemanden entschieden hat, spendet man 25 Dollar, welche dann direkt an diese Leute überwiesen werden. Ohne grossen administrativen  Aufwand. So geht das! Wünsch einen guten Start in die Woche. 

The drop in the ocean doesn't have the best reputation. Wrongly so, as the Micro Credit Organisation Kiva proves. On their site a lot of different people and their business ideas from all over the world (also from the US) are being introduced and how much money they'd like to borrow. Once you've decided on somebody you can contribute 25 Dollars, which will then be transfered directly to the people you've chosen. Without all the administrative hassle. That's it! Have a good start to the week.

Saddan is 55-years old. She is a loving mother and hard-working. She lives with her 70-year old husband Allah ditta and their three children in a city named Pakpattan in Pakistan. She dreams of improving their quality of life.Her son has been engaged in a food selling business for over twelve years. His food stand is the busiest in the market. He has a good customer’s base. Everyday his customers make plans to enjoy the delicious food from his food stand.

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